Rolex Mirage replica rolex watches was first introduced in 1992, swiss replica watches is the perfect luxury lifestyle interpretation, as the name suggests, the customer base is that those who have a successful yacht, so few years to update. 2015 Basel Watch Fair, rolex replica uk updated Yacht-Master yacht Mingshi watches, look a new look, new materials, new colors, new bezel, new strap! Rolex Yacht-Master Yacht celebrities never before. While other Rolex watches such as the submarine type, explorer type II, MILGAUSS or sea to make the type more or less have such an update. Of course, Rolex is always innovating rather than revolution, keeping the same foundation, and gradually iterating progress - much like the popular Internet iterative evolution. The new Rolex Mirage 116655 evolved the same way: keeping the same foundation and adding new technology - and another important innovation. Everose rose gold material Rolex Yachts Mirage 116655 Evolution of the first thing its 40mm Oyster Case is now 18K rose gold (Rolex called Everose Gold). The previous yacht name watch is only stainless steel case with platinum bezel, a new generation of Rolex Mirage name now turn to precious metals. This is also the first time the use of red gold medal watches, Rolex own melting casting of the unique rose gold mixed with a small amount of platinum, so that never fade (conventional red gold with the evolution of time, due to oxidation of copper elements will produce fade). Case shape is also slightly changed, the ear is more curved, can better fit the wrist. Of course, the end of the watch or close, but also 18k rose gold. With a triple lock crown, waterproof is still 100 meters. Black face Old yachts Mingshi watches only silver and blue dial, now the first time the dial into a solemn dark black. Its matte appearance is also uncharacteristically, the modern Rolex sports watch rarely frosted face plate, which is very old-fashioned hand surface dish taste, with the red gold case more a dramatic effect. Large gold time scale painted with white luminous material. Mercedes-Benz or old models of the same style. Dial on the crown and Rolex brand name is now gilt printing! Warm gold balance the overall cold feel of the dial. Black CERACHROM ceramic bezel Matte black CERACHROM bezel is another big step forward. Old yachts Ming Shi watch platinum ring is easy to scratch, the ceramic circle is no such hidden trouble. The bezel as a whole is frosted, echoed the dial, diving digital scale is the top of the polished, like a relief on its appearance, although the uniform black, but to ensure high contrast for identification. Oysterflex rubber strap The biggest innovation is the strap. Other brands as early as N years ago to use rubber material, Rolex is always very conservative, this is the first time Rolex rubber strap! Of course, Rolex's tone is either not done, to do the unique: the black Oysterflex strap is not pure rubber, but the composite material, the heart is composed of strap-shaped titanium / nickel alloy sheet, Layer of very soft and flexible rubber. Strap inside the belt also has a longitudinal cushion fin structure, worn on the wrist is very comfortable, Oysterflex strap with 18K gold Everose Oyster folding buckle. Oysterflex rubber strap only drawback is difficult to adjust the length, only the clasp has a fine-tuning device, it is not like conventional rubber band can be cut, you can only buy in the six sizes selected. So want to wear a watch with friends is no longer easy, unless you buy a strap - it seems that Rolex is not zero to sell :). 40mm Rolex Yachtmaster 116655 remains the same place is the movement, it is still built in the classic and durable Cal.3135, with Submariner the same, this COSC certification movement rock solid and reliable and flawless. Rolex's habit is good food is not always on the Qi, fun is that the same period launched a small section of 37 mm yacht Mirage watch 268655 is equipped with a new generation of 2236 movement, the use of "Syloxi" silicon hairspring technology. We only look forward to another 3, 4 years, Rolex can upgrade 40mm Yachtmaster to the new 3235 movement. The new red gold black Rolex wizards have a chic cool sports look and a new rubber strap, I think a lot of people will love. The price of the new Rolex Mirage 116655 is 18,200 euros (tax included).